The Realms of Arral is a 4th Edition D&D campaign. Its a private campaign run by myself for a group of seven players. The campaign is currently just under a year old and has progressed the group from level one to about level 8.

The campaign: Heroes of Revells Keep

The characters:
Beren – a human paladin of the Raven Queen – Played by George
Arric – an elven ranger – Played by Brendan
Ashe – a halfling rogue – Played by Steve
Zuri – a tiefling warlord – Played by Shannon
Quarion – an eladrin wizard – Played by Hank
Vardin – a human cleric of the Raven Queen – Played by Tom
Gianna – a human fighter – Played by Christina

The main NPCs:
Eamon Winterborne – a half elven warlord
Brisco Scuromezzo – an eladrin rogue
Alina the Feywitch – an eladrin warlock
Lucan – A mute elven ranger

The Realms of Arral