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The following is a world listing for The Realms of Arral. To find out more about the current campaign please go to Heroes of Revells Keep.

Georgraphy of the Realms

The Realms of Arral is a vast country locked in by harsh seas and wild mountains – cutoff, though thriving, from the rest of the world. It is an ancient land built upon the ruins of forgotten nations and religions.

Rivers provide the main methods of transportation across the country. The Four Great Rivers cut across the country in all directions – they meet in a central region of the country, creating immensely fertile lands on which the capital city of Haverton was built.

The entire north of the country is covered for miles by the sprawling Feywood that extends hundreds of miles to the rugged and rocky north coast.

The entire central, western portion of the country is known as simply as The Plains. This wide expanse is home to the majority of the population of the Realm – though most are nothing more than dotted hamlets and clan holds that exist outside of the control, or care of the ruling powers. It is a peaceful and uninterrupted life upon the Plains, though rarely do the inhabitants venture beyond the lands.

To the south lies the Desert of the Shifting Sands – locked in the by towering Hellios Mountains. The desert peoples remain fiercely independent of the kingdom and have long been under scrutiny of the leaders in Haverton. Though currently, there is no war to the south, many believe it is only a matter of time.

While all the political power resides in Haverton, the national economy and true power is shaped by the massive city of Revells Keep. The city lies far to the northwest, upon the River Aelnith and overlapping the southern edge of the Feywood.

Lost to common knowledge is the vast Star Lake. The edges of the lake are home to breathtaking Eladrin vilages. The lake is almost entirely shrouded in an enchanting mist so dense that none will sail its waters.

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