Eamon Winterborne

An outcast from the most powerful military family in Revell's Keep, Eamon Winterborne has spent his time and money raising a secret army to defend Revell's Keep from the coming storm.


Eamon Winterborne is a tall and inspiring presence on the field of battle. He leads men with his heart and is passionate to a fault about his mission. Though not a true tactician, he surrounds himself with those he knows can get the job done successfully. His first in command, a tiefling warlord named Zuri, has worked along side him in secret for just over a year and acts as his battlefield tactician.

Eamon is incredibly wealthy. While not a public member of the powerful Winterborne family, his seclusion is by choice more so than expulsion, and he has access to vast amouns of money.

Eamon is the owner of The Shooting Star Inn, a major hub in the river business within Revell’s Keep. Eamon uses this as a staging point to contact new arrivals to Revell’s Keep and has fleshed out his militia predominantly through this method.

Eamon Winterborne

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