Alina the Feywitch

An Eladrin warlock that is fey pacted. She is mysterious, antagonistic, and wholly considered to be crazy and thus very dangerous.


Alina’s background and upbringing is a complete mystery. She draws her immense power from her Fey pact and those few who have met her knows the chaotic nature of the Fey Wild runs rampart through her. She speaks in contradictions, red herrings and puzzles, and openly tells her listeners not to trust her.

She favors dire wolves from the depths of the Fey Wood and is rarely seen in any situation without some around.

The source of her warlock powers remains an unknown.

Her actions in Revell’s Keep have linked her to the Nabanshar Council that sits on the edge of Revell’s Keep and the Fey Wood.

Alina the Feywitch

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