• Alina the Feywitch

    Alina the Feywitch

    An Eladrin warlock that is fey pacted. She is mysterious, antagonistic, and wholly considered to be crazy and thus very dangerous.
  • Brisco Scuromezzo

    Brisco Scuromezzo

    An Eladrin rogue of questionable intent. Brisco's appearences and motives are a mystery. What is known though is that the adventurers often regret their interactions with him.
  • Eamon Winterborne

    Eamon Winterborne

    An outcast from the most powerful military family in Revell's Keep, Eamon Winterborne has spent his time and money raising a secret army to defend Revell's Keep from the coming storm.
  • Lucan


    Lucan is an elf ranger who has worked for many years to keep the edge of the Fey Woods between Revells Keep and the Nabanshar Council clear and safe.